Academic Mentoring FAQ

Virtual Academic Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Register here

Once you have completed your application, you can follow the prompts on your mentor dashboard to: launch your background clearance (with a $69 fee); sign up for online training; show proof of identity; and fill out a Virtual Mentor Profile.

If I sign up to become an academic mentor and follow through with the necessary requirements, does that guarantee that I will get matched with a mentee?

No. Parents pick academic mentors based on the mentee’s needs. Parents look at times available, skills, language, and more from each mentor’s Virtual Mentor Profile. The more complete your profile is, the more likely you are to be picked.

If you are not picked, or not picked right away, it in no way reflects upon you personally.

How involved are the mentee’s parents?

Parents sign up mentees, choose and vet mentors, and may be a presence during your academic mentoring interactions.

You will be able to contact the parent who signed the mentee up if you have any concerns or questions.

Parents will be able to see everything you include in your Virtual Mentor Profile, but not your personal details from your application or clearance process.

How much does it cost and why? And how can my company pay it?

An annual fee of $69* covers the cost for a professional background screening that checks, local, state, and federal databases for criminal charges and sex offender lists.

You are welcome to submit the receipt to your company for reimbursement if they have agreed to pay for it. Some corporate programs will be billed for your background fee. If this is the case, you will not be asked to pay.

*$69 fee is subject to change based on changes in the fee structure of background clearances.

Can I sign up even if I’m not affiliated with a corporate program?

Yes. Pick “No Company Affiliation” from the list of companies when you are signing up.

Or sign up directly here (for individuals only).

I travel occasionally with my job and always take an annual summer vacation. Can I still be a mentor?

Yes. As long as during your absence you are sure to contact your mentee, you can still be a mentor.

How long is the mentoring relationship?

Be A Mentor asks that mentors decide with the mentee and their guardian or sponsor on the length of the commitment (ex six months or one year). Parents may end the mentoring relationship early if they need to.

At the end of the commitment, mentors may discuss with their mentee and their mentee’s parents and decide to continue or to end the relationship.

What if something life-altering occurs in my life such as a job transfer, pregnancy, health issue, marriage, etc. that interferes with my ability to continue mentoring my student?

Many mentored children and youth have abandonment issues. Every effort must be made to continue the mentoring for the length of the agreement. It is life changing for youths to know that they are important enough for the “caring” adults in their lives to continue to care for and about them even when it is not convenient to do so.

Is everything virtual? What if I want to meet in person?

Academic Mentors only meet with their mentees through the Virtual Mentoring Platform available through the Mentor Dashboard.

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