June 9th at 11 AM PDT
Volunteer Management System (VMS) is a service and software platform that gives your district easy control over who volunteers, and when and how they do it.
Everything happens in one place so that it’s easy to recruit, screen, train, and assign volunteers. It’s fully customizable and automates many steps so that staff are free to do the work they want to do: work with students.
How it works
Diagram of Volunteer Management System
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Use VMS for:
  • Background Clearances
  • Vaccination Checks
  • Paperless Forms & Questionnaires
  • Field Trip Management
  • Front Desk Check-In
  • Tutoring & Guest Speakers

Learn how our Volunteer Management System can support you and your priorities.
VMS is the end-to-end solution for schools and school districts who need a compliant, safe, and easy way manage their volunteer programs in order to provide positive outcomes for students, volunteers, and staff.
Use VMS to recruit, clear, and assign volunteers so that YOU can focus on making a difference in the lives of kids.
Learn how VMS can make a difference for your district.