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“This experience with the mentoring program has been a great asset to my school and personal life. Ever since we started together, my mentor has been there for me, checking up on me and everything. And I really appreciate everything he does for me.”

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“I think it is important for students to learn how to communicate with people outside the classroom. Through Mentoring, I have a better understanding of what a career in the engineering field might be like; as opposed to last year when I thought it focused mainly on mechanics.”

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“You’re really nice. You’re really fun and you cheer me up and you help me do the homework.”

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"My mentor has done so much for me and I don't know where I would be without her. Now I have a 3.83 GPA (one B in Math, we're still working on that one). It seems like now things are really starting to come together. I'm not nearly as confused as I was before. I'm

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“I just wanted to say that you’re one of the smartest and most thoughtful people that I’ve ever met.”

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“I like my mentor because she’s kind and she helps me with a lot of things that I can’t really handle a lot and she cheers me up when I probably not like having a bad day or I don’t have friends.”

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“My mentor helped me in school and how to achieve my goals. He taught me that some people might think you are not going to make it in life, but you can prove them wrong by staying in school and always doing your best.”

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