We’re so glad that you want to be a mentor.

So what does that entail?

Be A Mentor currently has four in-person mentoring programs that work with different partners and different populations of youth. We encourage mentors to sign up for one program to be matched 1 to 1 with a mentee. Our Project Coordinators will provide you with training, support, and match you with your mentee.

Mentors meet weekly with their mentee for one-year and spend time with their mentee in the community building trust and sharing experiences.

Mentors work with youth aged 10 – 17 located in Richmond, CA. Most of these youth are active at the youth center run by RPAL. They need support, guidance, and a new perspective to see what opportunities are available to them.

Spend 1-2 hours per week with your mentee out in the community doing fun activities, spending 1 on 1 time together, and listening! So many youth don’t have an adult to listen to them and share in their excitement and fears. A mentor can give them the confidence to try new things and pursue their dreams!

Connect to a youth, ages 12 – 17, in the Oakland to Hayward area who is impacted by substance abuse. Mentors for this project receive extra training to support youth at risk of substance misuse. All mentor-mentee matches meet 1 on 1 out in the community.

These youth are smart, interested in the world and need support to make good choices. Your knowledge and experience can help them find purpose and new passions.

Work with a youth in foster care in Alameda County aged 8 – 15. You will be matched with a youth near your location who shares similar interests, goals, and/or a complimentary personality.

All mentors are asked to spend 2 hours per week with their mentee. Mentors are consistent, provide a listening ear, and support their mentee to pursue their goals and passions.

Mentors work with youth ages 10 – 17 in the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles County. Many of these youth have limited access to opportunities and resources. They need support and guidance to find their passion and pursue it!

Spend one hour each week with your mentee doing fun activities out in the community. Building trust and support are the framework of mentoring.


Now that you’ve signed up, what are the next steps?

Fill out an application online to get access to your mentor dashboard!

Use you Mentor Dashboard to see what the clearance requirements are for your program and complete them. Clearance requirements may include a background check, training, a TB test, and more.

A Project Coordinator will reach out soon after you complete your application to help walk you through every step of the process. Once you have completed your clearance requirements, the Project Coordinator will schedule an interview with you so that they can best match you with a youth.

The first meeting with your mentee and the mentee’s parent or guardian will be facilitated by the Project Coordinator to help ease the introduction and make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Begin meeting weekly with your mentee. Do activities together like walking in the park, working on homework at the library, visiting a museum or street fair, or just spend time talking and listening!

In the beginning, your Project Coordinator may check in with you more frequently, but as you become more comfortable, you will only need to check in monthly. Although the Project Coordinator is available if you need any support in between check-ins. If you are struggling, need guidance, or just someone to listen to you, please contact your Project Coordinator!