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A survey indicated that 3,000 at-risk youth in the city of Oakland have a mentor.  However, counting youth in foster care, those re-entering from juvenile justice, under performing in school, and/or high absenteeism at school, there are more than 15,000 children who would benefit from a mentor.


Our Volunteer Management System (VMS) revolutionizes school district volunteerism.  It provides school districts with an efficient and effective system that assures student safety.  Academic achievement is enhanced when volunteers and student-serving partners are connected with students.

VMS can

  • Provide easy access for volunteer registration
  • Manage background clearances
  • Assign volunteers to activities
  • Send automated notices of key requirements
  • Provide a volunteer dashboard
  • Collect student data for grades, attendance, and disciplinary actions


The primary metrics we track are:

Grade Point Average – participation and interest in learning almost always results in better grades.  This is listed last as depending on the accumulation of years of the poor attendance in the classroom; academic success becomes harder to overcome as the students fall behind with their grade level.

School Attendance – being present in class is the first step to learning

Disciplinary Action – suspensions, conflicts, etc. are signs of underlining, often unrelated, problems

Here are few samples of mentee outcomes at the end of several school reporting periods. Mentors are being trained to monitor this data, encourage mentees to do well in school, and finding resources (such as tutors and/or counseling).

Other areas of impact that are harder to track are:

  • Learning of new skills
  • Committing crimes
  • Being a victim of crime
  • Number of arrests
  • Prison time
  • Gang involvement
  • Drug usage, substance abuse
  • Homelessness

COMING SOON. Integrated badge system for on-campus security

Benefits to the school

  • Saves districts money when we handle background clearances
  • Protects your students and reduces your liability risk
  • Increases the number of volunteers. Districts have experienced an immediate 4-5x increase.
  • Easy access to reports and manage thousands of volunteers without the need to hire more staff
  • Accommodates parents desire (in California a right by law) to participate


Demo Videos


Businesses care about the prosperity and safety of the local communities they operate in and the long-term prospect of a qualified workforce. Providing mentors for at-risk youth impact both desires.

Initiatives your company can launch to foster mentoring

Any parent worries about their child and it is even more likely your lower paid employees, who often commute longer distances from more affordable housing, are away from their children for more hours. This makes their children potentially at-risk by leaving them unsupervised without resources to guide them.
Providing the option for your employees to contribute pre-tax earnings and be matched with your support, a mentor or afterschool program can be provided for their children at a minimal cost.   The cost to recruit, screen and train a mentor is $2,000 per year.

There are many children who need and want mentors and yet mentoring is a time commitment not everyone can make.  Fortunately there are many caring adults who can.

Our greatest challenge to reaching more at-risk youth, are the resources needed to do so.  For your employees who wish to help children see a bright future but don’t have enough time to volunteer, an in-house program can be launched to sponsor-a-mentee.  You will find the initiative most successful if you offer employees a nominal amount to donate to the mentee of their choice.

Let them know they can add additional funding.  In return, they would get periodic reports of how their youth is progressing in the program and a tax-deduction for money they contributed.

Encourage your employees to become a mentor  for an at-risk youth.  It makes a difference in a child’s future.  And the compassion and challenges they experience mentoring a child enhance their own lives, often enhancing skills directly transferrable to mentoring, collaborating and communicating on the job.

COMING SOON Virtual Mentoring. Logistics can be a challenge and while live interaction is preferred there are mentees who can thrive with regular contact with a mentor who is geographically constrained.  Our platform will soon support this capability.

Our Volunteer Management System (VMS) has been successful at cost-effectively managing and tracking volunteer programs in school districts and it can work for you.  The platform would enable your human resource/social responsibility team able to manage your entire volunteer program.
⦁ No additional staff time is needed to administer.
⦁ A single sign on portal for employees to register for volunteer opportunities
Generates cash value statistics of employee volunteerism for reporting

Benefits to Your Company

  • Enhances your corporate image by helping the local community
  • Helps groom a local workforce for your future
  • Increases employee involvement with social responsibility initiatives
  • Decrease the risk (and cost) of crime to your property and employees

Benefits to your employees (and your company)

  • An additional employee benefit (increased loyalty)
  • Promotes mentoring skills (skills transferable to on-the-job)
  • Increases sense of meaningful work (more productive employees)

As a nonprofit, we know being passionate about helping at-risk youth is not enough.  Programs require resources.  We have learned a lot since 1992, one vital lesson is pooling resources and skills quickly scale the number of lives we can touch. Are you one of the many youth-serving agencies that could add value by providing mentors?  If only you had enough resources?  Let’s work together to reach more at-risk youth.

Benefits include:

  • Economies of scale
  • Latest resources and funding
  • Technical assistance
  • Training opportunities for staff and mentors
  • Increased public awareness
  • Power for advocacy
  • Learning from others

With our Volunteer Management System (VMS) we are able to serve as the coordinating backbone for multi-agency collaborations.

We can provide centralize services such as:

  • Mentor recruitment
  • Background clearances
  • Training for mentors and staff
  • Mentoring case management
  • Data collection
  • Technical support
  • Joint-funding opportunities

Individual vs. Collaborative Cost

Read More on our partnership in progress for foster youth. 

Coalitions are much more beneficial to programs than anyone realizes.  We can help programs be more efficient and effective.  And, we can help them keep their focus on what their mission is, all the while prioritizing the safety of children.
 – Lorey Keele, Northcoast Mentor Council






What to expect

Being a mentor is being a positive role model for a child, between 7-18 years old, who needs and wants one, possibly because

  • Guardians, due to various circumstances, are unable to dedicated as much time as needed
  • There is a desire to confide in adult other than their immediate family
  • There is a need for a foster youth to have a consistent adult in their life

Mentoring is about being developmental not prescriptive.  Prescriptive is when the mentor emphasizes their own goals and/or setting expectations for a mentee that are often not met.  Developmental is when goals and expectations are based on the needs of the protégé.

Your weekly visit with your mentee may include activities such as a visiting the library, walking in the park, attending a sporting event, shopping, job shadowing, helping with school work or just talking about what’s going on.


In addition to paying attention and expressing genuine interest in your mentee’s life, needs, fears and desires, you may also provide opportunities for your mentee to learn in areas of interest or provide connections for jobs and career exploration.  To help you encourage your mentee to complete their education, make healthy choices and pursue their dreams, we provide you with:

  • Project manager available to answer questions for both you and your mentee
  • Goal-Setting Tool plus training on how to use it
  • Support group. Opportunities to meet with other mentors via meetings, workshops and other social events

Read what mentors and mentees thought about the experience. Testimonials

Guiding your mentee towards an adulthood of healthy choices, successful employment and positive relationships can be both a challenge and rewarding experience.  Take the next step by selecting a mentoring program


You can transfer stock and securities to receive tax deductions and/or avoid capital gains tax on appreciated property.  Please contact us for further information.

Planned and deferred gifts through wills, bequests, trusts and insurance provide a giving opportunity that benefits beneficiaries. Please contact your financial advisor for details.

Many companies financially match their employees’ donations and/or volunteer hours or conduct United Way campaigns for employees to make before-tax payroll deduction gifts to specific nonprofits, such as Be A Mentor. Please contact your human resources for details.

Gifts such as professional services and items that may be used for mentee-mentor match events like gift certificates/gift cards, board games, tickets to sporting events, concerts or other age-appropriate entertainment are gratefully accepted.

Causes offers Facebook members the opportunity to conduct a fundraiser for a specific not-for-profit organization. The process enables you to set up the Cause, set a goal and invite friends to contribute. To create one go to Facebook Causes or contact us

Simply indicate Be A Mentor, Inc. as your preferred nonprofit on the following sites and whenever you shop there, you’ll be contributing to improving lives of at-risk youth.

 administered by Amazon

 works with several well-known merchants to support nonprofits


Children with caring adult role models in their lives have much better outcomes than those who do not.  Here are some ways to help build awareness and stay informed.        

Voice to your government representatives that it is more beneficial economically and humanitarianly to invest in mentoring rather than more prisons.
Support legislation, such as Senate bill 1868 that would improve criminal background checks – speed, accuracy at no-cost for organizations that serve children.

Let your employer know that it is more beneficial economically and humanitarianly to invest in mentoring.  The children in our communities are the work force of tomorrow.

If your school is not already using VMS, make them aware they can better protect your children while saving time and money.  While improving the volunteer experience in schools they are also helping to fund mentoring programs for at-risk youth.

If you volunteer or work for an agency s that serve youth, make them aware of Be A Mentor. We want to collaborate with other agencies to share resources and reach more at-risk youth.

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With our do-it-yourself mentoring kit you can improve your chances of launching a success program by accelerating your learning curve leveraging our 25+ years of experience.  For a $50 donation we offer:

  • Mentoring program user manual
  • Documents and forms used in the process
  • Mentor and project manager training materials

Contact us for details.

Interested in also exploring possible joint-funding opportunities?  Join Us