Businesses care about the prosperity and safety of the local communities they operate in and the long-term prospect of a qualified workforce. Providing mentors for at-risk youth impacts both desires.

Sponsor a mentoring program to support the youth in your community.

Working with Be A Mentor gives you the advantages of 30 plus years of mentoring experience. We partner with youth-serving organizations to bring mentoring to low-income and vulnerable youth.

Sponsoring a mentoring program can promote your corporate image and be used to increase media awareness and visibility in your community.

Outreach to the employees of tomorrow can increase your employment diversity and build long-term relationships.

We can tailor mentoring programs to best meet your needs:

  • Workforce readiness
  • STEAM career oriented
  • Region-specific engagement
  • Virtual mentoring
  • And more!

Employee volunteerism is proven to reduce attrition and improve employee satisfaction (ESAT).

Engage your employees in youth mentoring to:

  • Increase employee involvement in Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • Strengthen transferable job skills, such as improved communication and customer service skills
  • Develop a deeper understanding of customer and community diversity

Be A Mentor also offers a ready-made system for an internal career mentoring program for your employees.

Youth benefit from having a caring, trusted adult give them one-on-one attention. They are exposed to new experiences and perspectives, given tools to make successful choices, and shown what success might look like for them.

The community benefits from a decrease in crime and less public funding needed for incarceration, homelessness, and substance abuse rehabilitation.

Help us close the mentoring gap by scaling our mentoring programs to reach more youth that need support.

Corporate involvement in youth mentoring is the intersection of business strategy, organizational competencies, and societal needs.

Our greatest challenge to reaching more youth, are the resources needed to do so. Your financial support of youth mentoring combined with optional employee volunteers will make a difference in the lives of youth in your community.

The cost of one mentor-mentee match per year is $2,000. For each monthly $2,000 sponsorship, we will be able to support one year-long match: from mentor recruitment, background clearance, training, and matching, to ongoing support for the mentor, mentee, and the menteeā€™s family.