Academic Mentoring FAQ for Youth and Parents


Who can join? 

Any youth  between the ages of 7 and 24. 

Youth will need a parent or guardian or adult sponsor to sign them up and monitor the mentoring relationship. 


How do I sign my child up? 

Fill out an application. 

Use the Virtual Mentoring Platform to upload tutoring plans and homework. 

Setup the first mentoring appointment. 


How much does it cost? 

It is free for youth to participate in Academic Mentoring.


What is required of you? 

Parents and sponsors:  

  • choose mentors and vet and oversee the mentoring relationship 
  • upload homework and tutoring plans 


  • commit to attending all scheduled meetings or rescheduling if necessary 
  • set goals together with their mentor 
  • Ask questions and be open to new things. 


Who are the Academic Mentors?

Mentors are community members and business people who volunteer with Be A Mentor with diverse backgrounds, interests and skills. Because Academic Mentoring is virtual, mentors can be from anywhere in the United States.

Academic Mentors have a rigorous background clearance process to check for criminal activity and sex offender status.


How long is the match? 

Academic Mentors commit to mentoring for at least one year. After one year, mentor, mentee, and parent or guardian may choose to continue or to end the relationship. 

Parents may choose to end the relationship at any time if they feel it is inappropriate for the mentee.


How are Academic Mentors and Mentees matched?

Parents/guardians or sponsors will look through all available mentors profiles and make a choice. Academic Mentors fill out a profile that shares skills, interest, career path, and availability. 

Once a suitable mentor has been found, it is the responsibility of parents and sponsors to communicate with the potential mentor to determine acceptability before forming the match.


Can my child be matched with more than one Academic Mentor?

Yes! Your child can be matched with as many Academic Mentors as you’d like. We suggest limiting the number of Academic Mentors your child are matched with so that they have a enough time to develop a strong rapport with them.

If mentoring is competing with many extra-curricular activities, limiting to one match is ideal. However if your child has fewer activities and wants support in several areas, finding more than one Academic Mentor (one for each skill area) may be ideal.


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