What is Academic Mentoring?

A trusted, caring adult spends time with their mentee using Be A Mentor’s Virtual Mentoring Platform.

Mentors focus on goal setting, homework help, and career exploration. While there may be a focus on homework help in the meetings, these sessions are more than just tutoring. Mentees form a personal relationship with their mentor to build resilience, social engagement, and a support network.

Virtual mentoring removes barriers of distance, requires no commute time, and can offer a flexible schedule.


Join Be A Mentor to bring a new corporate volunteer program to your company. Partnering with organizations like yours allows us to bring mentoring to more youth that need it.

Your business benefits from an enhanced corporate image and commitment to social responsibility, an increased pool of eligible workers, an increase of employee engagement thru volunteerism, and an enhanced business culture that employees can feel good about.

Benefits of Volunteerism

Academic Mentors report that they:

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Gain a connection to the community
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Become better communicators

Virtual volunteering is our new normal:

  • Keeps your employees safe during the pandemic
  • Allows for flexible scheduling
  • Removes barriers like distance and commuting

How Does It Work?

Your company encourages employees to be Academic Mentors.

Because Academic Mentoring is entirely online you can do it from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Your company receives an annual report on volunteering hours completed.

The only fees are for the cost of the background checks for each employee volunteer, which can be paid for either by your company or your employees.


  • sign up online and agree to a background check
  • complete an online training
  • use Be A Mentor’s Virtual Academic Mentoring Platform to schedule and meet with youth once a week for the calendar year.

Interested in learning more about how you can start a Corporate Volunteer Program? Have questions? Fill out this form to learn more.