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Volunteer Management System

Volunteer Management System

Volunteer Management System (VMS) revolutionizes school district and non profit volunteerism. It provides easy access for parents and community members for registration, manages the background clearance process, assigns volunteers to school activities and/or one-to-one with a student, sends automated reminder and expiration notices of key requirements, Provides volunteer login dashboard for tracking clearances and updating profiles, collects and reports student outcome data for grades, attendance, and disciplinary actions, and more. You can see videos below for details.

  • Students are more successful in school when they want to be there
  • Volunteers create "Desire" to learn and "Encouragement" to succeed
  • Our mission is to assist with creating World-class Volunteerism
  • For a demonstration of the features and functions of VMS, please view the following videos: For more Info Contact Us

  • VMS Overview 6:29 Minutes

  • How parents and community members register in VMS 5 Minutes

  • Volunteer login dashboard 10 Minutes

  • Portal Page with FAQ and Volunteering Instructions 2:45 Minutes

  • Backoffice Login and administration 19:06 Minutes

  • Surveys and questionnaire generator 5:29 Minutes

  • System setup and configuration 9:24 Minutes
  • For questions and discussion as to implementing a world-class Volunteer Management System -- Click Here.

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