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Be A Mentor's Central Management System (VMS) Provides Effective Benefits for Mult-Agency Collaborations

Be A Mentor, Inc. seeks partners to take mentoring to scale

  • VMS allows management of hundreds of agencies

  • No Duplication of effort and cost for

    • Mentor recruitment
    • Background screening and clearance
    • Mentor training
    • Database management

  • Ability to track and report performance metrics

    • By individual agency
    • In aggregate for all partner agencies
  • Mentoring agencies that partner with Be A Mentor receive

    • Effective evidence-based practices and protocols to ensure the highest quality mentoring experience
    • Extensive, high-quality recruitment, screening, vetting, training, matching, monitoring, reporting and networking services for mentors and staff all free from Be A Mentor
    • Joint fundraising with Be A Mentor to provide for staff and program costs
    • Years of expertise from Be A Mentor and other collaborating partners
  • Mentoring agencies that partner with Be A Mentor provide

    • Participation in trainings and networking activities
    • Implementation and supervision of highly effective mentoring programs serving 50+ at-risk youth
    • Data collection and entry and discussion of on-going findings to support continuous improvement
  • Be A Mentor, Inc. is currently developing funds to create additional multi-agency collaboratives.  If your agency is interested in exploring a partnership with Be A Mentor, Please use the link below to register your program with us and you will be contacted for an initial discussion.
  • Click Here for Be A Mentor's Road Map
  • Click Here to Register program to begin dialogue with Be A Mentor
  • Starting a mentoring program in your community? Be A Mentor can help!
    Click Here for "How To Start A Mentoring Program"

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    Words of Wisdom
    ~ Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. ~

    John Crosby