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Corporate Opportunities

As an organization that understands the power of the information technologies, Be A Mentor strives to develop different effective, efficient, and custom-tailored charitable giving programs and volunteering opportunities for busineses of any size. Talk to us and we can devise a program that can meet your specific needs, from increasing employees community participation to promoting awareness of a good cause. With our experience and industry leadership, Be A Mentor can help with enhancing your company image while accomplishing the ultimate goals of the cause. Opportunities offered by Be A Mentor vary in different forms depending your needs and goals as followed:

  • Donations - An easy way to contribute directly to the cause of mentoring, your donations can be cash, gift cards, or sponsoring of certain events from offering physical rewards (such as computers, books, school supplies, etc...) to services.
  • Spread The Word - Support Be A Mentor through advertising and endorsement to attract more volunteer mentors and sponsors.

Have a different idea? Talk to us. We are willing to discuss ideas and develop services that reflect your goals and needs. Ultimately, we are interested in buidling long term relationships with businesses to expand our reach to many more unfortunate youth.

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Words of Wisdom
~ Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. ~

John Crosby