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Face-to-Face Mentoring Overview

The Mentoring addresses the most basic needs of at-risk youth by connecting them individually with one specific adult who listens to them, values them as they are and guides them to self-value and a successful adulthood of employment and healthy relationships.

The mentor-mentee relationship combines activities—such as getting a coffee, going to a movie or athletic event, walking through the park, performing community service, having lunch, or doing homework—with loving conversation and goal-setting through weekly one-to-two hour minimum interactions over a period of at least one year. Through this interaction, mentors pay attention and express genuine and dedicated interest in the life, needs, fears and desires of the youth. Further, through a combination of being themselves and deliberately sharing their own lives, mentors role model integrity, self-esteem, opportunity and healthy choices. The mentor also brokers opportunities for the mentee to learn in areas of interest and provides connections and opportunities for part-time jobs and career exploration. Mentors encourage their youth to pursue learning, complete their education and pursue their dreams.

Each mentoring match is guided and supported by a project manager, who makes regular contact and is available to answer questions and give advice to both the mentee and mentor.

Each month, Be A Mentor offers all mentors the opportunity to attend a monthly support meeting with other mentors.

Through the myLIFE program, Be A Mentor hosts and sponsors a variety of group activities for mentoring pairs to interact with each other, as well as bond with each other. These activities include workshops, social events and community service activities.

Mentored youth show increased levels of self-esteem and self-worth, reduce absences from school, improve academically and in school interaction, develop greater respect and interaction with peers and adults, learn about the opportunities available to them, discover that the choices they make have consequences that impact them through their lives, and show a greater understanding of the opportunities available to them and the positive impact they can have on their community and the world.

Through four large commissioned surveys, the California Mentor Foundation reports that the effects of mentoring on youth, their health and their future are profound:

  • 98% avoided gang participation;
  • 85% did not use drugs;
  • 98% did not become a teen parent; and
  • 98% stayed in school.

All mentors must be at least 21 and before being matched agree to maintain the relationship for at least one year. They must complete an application and undergo a screening and clearance process to ensure safety for youth and adult, as well as training and a person interview with the project manager before being matched with a compatible youth. Youth range in age from 7 to 18 and will live in proximity to the mentor. All mentoring matches are same-gender, and while every effort is made for culturally connected matches, the urgency of young people’s needs is the primary objective.

Many employers provide financial support to organizations where their employees volunteer. Please include a brief conversation with your human resources or community outreach department as part of your application process.

-- Not a good time to be a mentor; how about other support? --

If this is not a good time for you to make a mentoring commitment, would you be interested in supporting Be A Mentor’s efforts to recruit, train and match other volunteers with at-risk youth in desperate need of positive adult interaction? Please support our efforts to make our community stronger and more prosperous by making a financial gift to Be A Mentor. Thank you.
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