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Children Struggle Without Positive Adult Influence

Children Struggle Without Positive Adult Influence

Fifteen million children in the United States wake up every morning without a caring adult in their lives.

Lacking nurturing, guidance, support and opportunity from a young age, they begin to experience and perceive the world as a place without opportunity or hope. If they had dreams as young children, the circumstances of their lives often crush their dreams and leave them, as teenagers, lost, hurt and angry.

But they still starve for adult interaction. Lacking positive adult role models, they often seek or attach themselves to ideas, notions, experiences, peers or adults that can lead them into making choices that are detrimental to their health, education and futures. They cut school, start fights, use drugs and alcohol, participate in street violence, become parents at a young age, join gangs and become involved in the justice system. Many of these children live in poverty, and those with parents in jail or on welfare are much more likely to end up in the same situations, perpetuating the cycle over and over again. As bad things happen to them, they do bad things to others and their communities.

Many of them drop out of high school. In fact, each year in the United States, nearly three million students drop out, and this number does not count those students that never enter high school in the first place.

This has a devastating impact not only on the youth themselves, but also the community around them and the world as a whole. Those who drop out of high school are 3.5 times more likely to be imprisoned than high school graduates, and each class of high school dropouts costs the U.S. economy more than $8 billion in incarceration expenses and lost wages each year.

While each child does not require an entire community to open eyes, ears and mind, one adult interacting with one child can change, even save, a life.

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