Reading Partners at The Co-Op
The Co-Op is an after school program located in South Los Angeles. Our participants are middle-schoolers, 6th-8th graders. Most of our youth are foster youth or homeless youth and many are struggling in school and at home.
Project Overview:
Every Wednesday, a Reading Partner Volunteer Mentor will come to The Co-Op and spend 1.5 hours getting to know one of our students while helping them strengthen their reading abilities. Many of our foster youth are very low readers and are struggling in school. Many behavior problems arise from the boredom and embarrassment of not being able to read at grade level. Students would rather act-out and get sent to the office, than stumble through reading in front of their peers. Unfortunately, schools don''''t have the resources to support the neediest of students, and that''''s where you come in. Reading Partners is a very special program because we start where the students are currently, not at the "appropriate" grade level. Each Wednesday, you and your reading partner will read together while forming a mentor/mentee relationship. Once every 6 weeks, all of the mentors and mentees will go on a fun Saturday outing--a baseball game, the beach, the movies the mentor relationship can grow outside of the classroom. Consistency is key to creating a strong relationship. "Showing up" is so important because so many people in our students'''' lives never do. That being the case, it is understandable that a mentor may need to miss a few Wednesday sessions and we are able to cover them when needed. Commuting costs will be covered by The Co-Op.
Project Coordinators:
Lauren Costa Email: (323) 839-0665